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North American manufacturer of tenderized veneer sheets and wood edgebanding. Call 1 800 363-9952 to speak to a sales representative.

Tenderized Wood Veneer Sheets

Whether for embellishing a magnificient new table, restoring a favorite old antique, or refinishing some faded kitchen cabinets, each project deserves the best materials. And that means CEDAN's fine wood veneers.

Meticulously crafted out of the world's most exquisite wood species, CEDAN's flexible veneers will enhance the appearance of any woodworking project, brilliantly accentuating its inherent warmth, color and texture. Widely recognized for their elegant grain and superior durability, nwonder they are the prefered choice of wood manufacturers and craftsmen.

CEDAN genuine wood veneer are premium flat cut veneers which have been book-matched, tenderized, pre-sanded and carefully laminated tone of several quality backings under heat and pressure. These backings provide an impervious barrier which prevents the bond adhesive from penetrating tthe wood surface, while ensuring that your finishing materials dnot affect the adhesive bond.

CEDAN's wood veneers are available with a paper backer in thicknesses of 0.005", 0.010" and 0.020" ; a paper backer with pressure sensitive adhesive (24" x 96" only) ; a paper backer with hot melt adhesive ; a phenolic resin backer ; or a cloth backer (48" x 96" only).

Ready for finishing, CEDAN veneers apply effortlessly tplywood, particle board, hardboard and range of other plastic and even metal substrates. The exceptional quality, beauty, variety of available species and ease of installation and handling have all made CEDAN the name of distinction in flexible wood veneers.

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