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North American manufacturer of tenderized veneer sheets and wood edgebanding. Call 1 800 363-9952 to speak to a sales representative.
Real Wood Thick Edgebanding - Exotic Species
7 - Quantity : product MX-79118ZSA2


The uniqueness of EdgebandingPlease note that the edgebanding strips or rollst that will be produced may not necessarily reflect the same design as the sample below, each edgebanding strip or roll is unique. There are many factors that brings the uniqueness in each edgebanding, such as: the tree it comes from, then the part from which it was cut, the type of cut applied to extract the edge (flat, quarter, rift cuts or rotary peeling) and finally the matching type for the edge, i.e. the way the pieces have been assembled together.
Material ConditioningBefore taking the steps to glue the wood veener or edgebanding to the substrate, it is essential to condition the material together. This may be accomplished by alternating in a pile the substrate panels and the edgebanding. This will permit different materials to arrive to the same temperature and the same humidity levels.