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North American manufacturer of tenderized veneer sheets and wood edgebanding. Call 1 800 363-9952 to speak to a sales representative.

Thick edgebanding

Today's furniture designs, with their more subtle lines and enhanced contours, demand the most flexible, high quality materials available. That's why CEDAN Industries in line with its ongoing commitment tthe development of the north America furniture industry, has introduced its thick veneer edgebanding, providing manufacturers with a wide range of attractive benefits.

Offering significantly improved overall production efficiency, CEDAN's thick veneer edgebanding is highly impact-resistant and eliminates the problems of warping typically associated with solid wood strips. In addition, it allows for radius profiles equal to its thickness, while its superior flexibility is ideal for trimming the tightest of corners.

Available in a thickness of 1mm and 1.6mm - these edgebands are composed of several superimposed layers of thin veneer laminated using CEDAN's own unique process. In the 250' foot roll format, they provide optimal efficiency on machines equipped with the proper accessories twork with thicker band. In the 8 foot strip format, they offer the same high degree of quality on a smaller scale, and are alsideal when strips of cut tsize lengths are required.

Thanks to its many years of manufacturing expertise, technical know-how and command of the latest technologies, CEDAN Industries continues to offer the north American furniture industry the most varied species , dimensions and quality products to meet the most demanding requirements.

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